Hi there!

I’m a 3D artist based in São Paulo, Brasil and I love all that has to do with art. I aim to be a good character designer, but also good at colors and texture and composition and shading and drawing and, well, to be a good artist… why not? [:

I’ve started all this at Melies school where I’ve studied for 1 year and worked for another year as a modeling teacher. Since then I’ve worked with a lot of nice people and for some good clients too, such as Itaú, Petrobrás, Claro, Vivo, Olympikus, McDonald’s, Visa, Danone, Spoleto etc.
In the meantime I always try to find time to produce some personal stuff… I really believe this kind of work is what lets us impose some new limits to our skills and this is a great way to learn!

Also i’m always trying to experience new ways to achieve my goals as an artist. I like very much to learn to deal with new softwares and technologies and, well, if you think i’m the kind of person you seek you can reach me in the following address –> rpaulicchi@gmail.com

I truly hope you had a nice time visiting my portfolio and, if not, please come back again. I’m always improving [: